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Do it the French way! Find us in your city.


French Comics at NCSFest 2019—#CallitBD

We’re coming to the first ever National Cartoonist Society Festival, at Huntington Beach, CA.

Meet us at the Franco-Belgian booth with EuropeComics, Wallonie-Bruxelles, Québec and Lyon BD Festival. We’ll be selling books in partnership with Stuart Ng, with 9 artists signings daily at booth C14 #CallitBD!


Thursday, May 16 – Friday, May 27




Pacific City
A journey through 70 years of evolution of the bande dessinée medium from its origin to its modern form.Travel back in time and discover the diversity of franco-belgian comics.


Thursday / May 16th


5- 7pm


Join us at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa and meet your favorite cartoonists and comics artists. A FREE signing session where you can meet scores of the biggest names in comics, comic books and animation, get autographs and sketches and buy exclusive merchandise! Stay tuned for full details of who will be appearing!


Friday / May 17th


10:15 am


Hyatt Regency – Vista Room

Winner of the coveted Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême lifetime achievement award, the most prestigious honor in European comics, French artist Lewis Trondheim has written or drawn more than 100 comic titles. Watch him live-draw a special page of ‘Little Nothings,’ his widely-acclaimed graphic novel, and find out why he has become one of the most influential artists in France.



10:30 am


Hyatt Regency – Fountain Room

Dave Kellett literally wrote the book on how to succeed in webcomics! The creator of the hugely popular online comics ‘Sheldon’ and ‘Drive’ co-authored the Harvey Award-nominated ‘How To Make Webcomics.’ Cartoonist Boulet first found fame in his native France by publishing a comic strip blog, and a Twitter following 240,000 strong attests to his popularity. Belgium’s Max de Radiguès has adopted a punk ethos that sees much of his output begin life in fanzine format. Dana Simpson’s ‘Phoebe and Her Unicorn’ started out as an online feature on GoComics and is now syndicated to more than 100 newspapers. Shena Wolf, Director of Comics and Acquisitions for Andrews McMeel Syndication, moderates a discussion about successfully bypassing the traditional avenues of print.



2:30 pm


Hyatt Regency – Fountain Room

Celebrating the work of four groundbreaking artists who have made their mark in the worlds of underground and alternative comics, generating both acclaim and controversy along the way. Their work explores themes that range from the oddball to the outrageous, from raw and risqué to sex, drugs and rock & roll. Underground comix pioneers Joyce Farmer and Mary Fleener are joined by Penelope Bagieu, author of ‘Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World,’ and illustrator, animator and entrepreneur Penelope Gazin.


Saturday / May 18th


10:00 am


Pier Plaza

‘Macanudo’ has grown over the past 15 years to be one of the most celebrated comic strips in South America, and Liniers has become one of the continent’s most beloved cartoonists with more than 720,000 followers on Twitter and over 950,000 fans on Facebook. In France comic artists are the equivalent of rock stars and Lewis Trondheim is one of the most popular and influential. Meanwhile Tuesday Bassen is one of L.A.’s most fashionable illustrators and designers. Watch them join forces for the first time on stage and draw a cartoon strip in front of your very eyes. Introduced by NCSFest Co-Director Julie Tait and Peter Kessler, Chairman of the UK’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival.



10:30 am


Hyatt Regency – Fountain Room

There’s a wonderful world of comics out there and we are delighted to welcome some of the most revered artists from more than half a dozen countries to NCSFest in its inaugural year. This is your opportunity to expand your horizons and find out what’s going on in Europe, Australia, the UK and Canada. Featuring Guillaume Long (France), Julie Rocheleau (Canada), Nick Brokenshire (UK) and David Blumenstein (Australia). Moderated by Thomas-Louis Cote (Quebec).



12:30 pm


Hyatt Regency – Fountain Room

Comics are taken very seriously in Europe where they’re referred to as the Ninth Art. Comic artists and writers are the equivalent of rock stars at home and cultural icons to promote on the world stage. Come and greet top European comics creators including Max de Radiguès (Belgium), Laurence Baldetti (France), Alexandre Clérisse (France) and Dominique Bertail (France) as they discuss their work and the current comic scenes in their respective countries.



1:15 pm


Huntington Beach Library

Penelope Bagieu reads from her book, Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World.

Throughout history and across the globe, one characteristic connects the daring women of Brazen: their indomitable spirit.

With her characteristic wit and dazzling drawings, celebrated graphic novelist Pénélope Bagieu profiles the lives of these feisty female role models, some world famous, some little known. From Nellie Bly to Mae Jemison or Josephine Baker to Naziq al-Abid, the stories in this comic biography are sure to inspire the next generation of rebel ladies.



4:00 pm


Huntington Beach Library

Boulet and Guillaume Long, two comics stars from France, draw their favourite things – dinosaurs, food and dinosaur food!


Sunday / May 19th


10:00 am


Pier Plaza

Three pairs of cartoonists battle it out on stage to see who can be the fastest, funniest or even the weirdest! Starring Bouletand Luke McGarryJeffrey Brown and Julie Rocheleau and Tom Richmond and Ed Steckley, with cameos by Rick Stromoskiand Sergio Aragones. Hosted by Steve McGarry and Jason Chatfield.



11:30 am


Pier Plaza

Daniel Clowes and Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are three of the greatest storytellers in contemporary comics and NCSFestis honored to welcome them in its inaugural year. Daniel is best-known for Ghost World which was adapted into an award-winning feature film. Californian brothers Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez have created the greatest comics soap opera of all time taking place in a fictional Mexican town. Meanwhile Penelope Bagieu (France) is top of best-seller lists for her bold and imaginative storytelling. Discover what makes them some of the most celebrated comic artists with Peter Kessler & Julie Tait(UK).



2:30 pm


Come and watch a giant comic unfold along Huntington Beach Pier and follow the misadventures of Buddy the Octopus as he climbs out of the ocean onto the pier, dodging enemies and making friends along the way and culminating in a grand showdown. Featuring an original script by the Orange County School of the Arts students, who will work alongside world-famous cartoonists and comic artists to bring Buddy’s adventures to life and create an original mammoth comic strip.


logo-couleur europe-comics-logo screen-shot-2019-04-23-at-11-58-07-am Impression


We’re Coming to the Capitol!

The French Comics Association will tour to Washington, D.C. from June 20-25th, 2019. Discover the beauty of bande dessinée at our booth at the American Library Association Annual Convention, and at events across the city.

Click the little arrow at the bottom right to scroll for more events and details!



Find us at booth #3644 at the American Library Association Annual Conference!


Book signings at all events & to follow panels—click the arrow at bottom right of banner for full signing schedule! 

Friday / June 21st

Graphic Novel and Comics Roundtable Friday Forum

  • So Many Comics, So Little Time!

12:20 – 1:45pm

How can you possibly keep track of all the titles coming out and all the topics they cover? In this session, you’ll spend time in small groups with creators and colleagues discussing titles that work for different social justice topics. After the session, all the titles will be combined into a totally excellent resource just for you! With Karim Friha

Saturday / June 22nd

At #ALAAC19: Do it the French way. Stop by Booth #3644 for morning croissants and comics.

Panels at the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage:

  • Literary Comics Publisher Spotlight

10:30 – 11:20 am

Join some of the comics medium’s most renowned publishers as they share new and perennial titles for your collections. We will discuss comics for adults and kids, as well as fiction and nonfiction, with staff of publishing houses Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Uncivilized Books, Abrams, and the French Comics Association (Charlotte Moundlic).

  • French Comics Association Showcase

2:30 – 3:20pm

There’s a wealth of translated bande dessinée (Franco-Belgian graphic novels/nonfiction) available in recent years for library collections, from diverse genres, voices, and publishers. The French Comics Association showcase brings together renowned and star creators on tour from Europe, with new releases in English: Karim Friha, Wilfrid Lupano, Typex, Julia Billet, moderated by Meg Lemke, French Comics Association.

Graphic Novel and Comics Roundtable Panel:

  • Behind the Scenes: Creating a Diverse World of Comics

2:30 – 3:20pm

Join publishers and creators from around the world to learn about the routes graphic novels take to come to your attention and to your library. What makes up the process? How are editorial decisions made? How do publishers seek out and champion diverse voices in the medium? What role can librarians play and at which points? Attendees will learn about what happens behind the scenes in creating a graphic novel, the careful work of translating cultural context and languages, marketing, issues around censorship, and how to advocate for an inclusive, international collection. Featuring Thierry Laroche (Gallimard).

Sunday / June 23rd

At #ALAAC19: Do it the French way. Stop by Booth #3644 for morning croissants and comics.


Panels at the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage:

  • European Comics: A Melting Pot

10:30 – 11:20am

European Comics: A Melting Pot Asterix, Tintin, The Smurfs and Persepolis are just some of the few that have made it across the Atlantic. But Europe’s comics heritage is much richer and varied, different in every country. As we stress on the importance of diversity and the need of different voices, Europe Comics presents a panel of award-winning European creators and their latest works. Including: Typex. Presented in coordination with EuropeComics.

  • Wordy to Wordless: How Comics Writers Adapt to Different Genres, Ages, and Artists

12:30 – 1:20pm
Comics scriptwriters creatively adapt their styles across publishers and partnerships, from realistic, to genres including crime/sci-fi/fantasy, to picturebooks, and even wordless narratives. What guides language choice, dialogue decisions, and pacing for comics writers depending on the age level and audience for a book? How do writers “write” a wordless script? How do they work in conversation with artists? A shop talk! Featuring: Amy Chu, Jaime Hernandez, Julia Billet, and Wilfrid Lupano, moderated by Heidi MacDonald.

Panels at the Pop Top Stage:

  • Middle Grade Graphic Novels: New Titles for Growing Readers!

2 –2:50pm
Middle Grade is a huge growth category for graphic novel publishing, and these books are popular and flexible for younger library patrons—from eager elementary readers, who are growing out of picturebooks and ready to jump to sophisticated topics, to older reluctant readers who find the appealing style and comfort level bringing them back to books.  From historical fiction to fantasy, these creators will showcase a breadth of genres in this popular category! Featuring: Karim Friha, Julia Billet, and Emily Whitten, moderated by Betsy Bird.


Small Press Expo Meet-up at the French Comics Association booth!

3 – 4:30pm

Come learn about The Small Press Expo, headquartered in Bethesda, MD, and all they do for indie comics. Treats will be served and French comics will be signed…


Monday / June 25th


Graphic Novel and Comics Roundtable Programming:

  • Exploring Trauma and Recovery through Comics

9 am – 10:00am

Trauma is life-changing, from living through the explosive conflict of a war zone to recovering from personal ordeals. Eyewitness accounts are particularly well evoked in the constraints and freedoms of a graphic narrative. This panel will draw together creators who can speak from their first-hand knowledge of violence and the work that goes into expressing a traumatic event in comics. Attendees will learn about expressing strong emotion and experiences graphically, the difficulties of first-person narration and reportage, and receive suggestions for their collections. With Julia Billet.

At the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage:

  • BioGraphics: Reading Graphic Novel Biographies

11:30 am – 12:20pm

 The virtues of graphic biographies are now recognized. Having two visions of a famous person’s life in one, that of the biographer and of the artist, adds even more nuance and depth to a person’s life story. It might also happen that we pick up a biography we wouldn’t usually be interested in, thanks to the appealing art. A panel of award-winning graphic biographers will discuss and present their works. Featuring Typex.  Presented in coordination with EuropeComics.


ALA Event:

  • Meet-up with Pop Culture Classroom and French Comics Association!

11:30am  – 1pm

Details TBA

Educators, librarians, and anyone who wants to connect about comics and their academic potential are encouraged to RSVP for this ALA offsite meet-up with a “comics creator speed-dating” element. Coffee and treats will be served, and give-away comics will be available to participants!


ALA Book Signing Schedule

Meet the Authors at Booth #3644!

Signed review copies FREE for ALA attendees, while supplies last

(additional copies may be available for purchase)


Friday / June 21st

5:30 – 6:30pm: Julia Billet (Catherine’s War)


Saturday / June 22nd

At #ALAAC19: Do it the French way, with morning croissants and comics!

11:30am – 12:30pm: Julia Billet (Catherine’s War) & Wilfrid Lupano (The Wolf in Underpants)

3:30 – 4pm: Wilfrid Lupano (The Wolf in Underpants) at Lerner booth #1244

3:30 – 5pm: Julia Billet (Catherine’s War), Karim Friha (Rise of the Zelphire), and Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol)


Sunday / June 23rd

At #ALAAC19: Do it the French way, with morning croissants and comics!

11:30am – 12:30pm: Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol)

1 – 2pm: Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol) at Abrams booth #2006

1:30 – 2:30pm: Wilfrid Lupano (The Wolf in Underpants)

3 – 4pm: Julia Billet (Catherine’s War) & Karim Friha (Rise of the Zelphire)

3-4:30 Small Press Expo meet-up at the FCA booth—refreshments provided!


Monday / June 25th

12:30 – 1:30pm: Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol)




Drink & Draw at #ALAAC19

Sunday / June 22nd

East City Bookshop / 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE

6 – 7:30pm

Featuring artist from Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets: Is This How You See Me?) and Ezra Claytan Daniels (BTTM FDRS) from America; Karim Friha (Rise of the Zelphire) and Christophe Ferreira (Milo’s World) from France; Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol) from Amsterdam; and Flavia Biondi (Generations) from Italy; with comics writer Wilfrid Lupano (Curtain Call) from France, also on hand to sign! Select artists drawing onstage and all signing new release graphic novels. Stop by the store and pick up a pen (or just watch others and meet the creators), sip free wine, and meet other indie comics and bande dessinée (Franco-Belgian style comics) fans.


Co-hosted with Fantagraphic Books and EuropeComics.


Storytime: The Wolf in Underpants, with Wilfrid Lupano!

Sunday / June 22nd


10:30 – 11:30

Solid State Books / 600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

Join French creator Wilfrid Lupano for a morning storytime at this lovely local DC store. “Young readers will howl for this tale that combines a timely, smart message alongside crowd-pleasing silliness.”—Kirkus Reviews


Create your Own Hero: Comics Character Design with Karim Friha!

Sunday / June 22nd


Bonjour Books / 3758 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895


Youth aged 8-12 are invited to this special workshop with visiting French artist Karim Friha, creator of Rise of the Zelphire, a super-cool steampunk fantasy story about a group of young people with strange powers, newly translated to English by Lion Forge (originally in French from Gallimard). Friha will share how he sketches and creates characters, and help the young artists design their own heroes, and inspire them to dream up new, fantastical worlds. The artist will inscribe book copies at the end of the event! RSVP and pre-order of the English edition required (French editions of additional titles in the series will also be available for sale).



French Comics Kiss Better: A Showcase of Contemporary Bande Dessinée Creators

Sunday / June 22nd

5:30 – 7:30

Fantom Comics / 2010 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036


This panel offers a rare opportunity to meet French and European artists on tour, who represent the contemporary bande dessinée (BD) scene. French comics are familiar American bestsellers, from Tintin to Persepolis to Valerian, but fans can discover the diversity in genres—from steampunk fantasy to crime fiction to graphic biography and historical fiction—and vibrant/sophisticated art styles from the next generation of creators who are “big in France.” This ultra-cool panel will be followed by a comics party with a cash bar! Featuring 2019 Eisner-Award nominee Wilfrid Lupano (Sea of Love and Curtain Call); Typex (Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol); Julia Billet (Catherine’s War); and Karim Friha (Rise of the Zelphire). Moderated by TK


Meet the Creators


Dominique Bertail

Dominique Bertail, of Tours, France, takes his influences as a cartoonist from around the world, including Moebius, Juillard, and Otomo.


Guillaume Long

Born in 1977, in Switzerland, Guillaume Long, from an early age, observed his mother working in her kitchen. After graduating from Art School in Saint-Etienne, he decided to combine both his passions: comics and food. He then started a comics …


Laurence Baldetti

Laurence Baldetti was born in 1982 in the sunny south of France. Introduced at an early age to visual art by her Fresco painter mother, she pursued artistic studies in Lyon. Influenced by international styles and artists including US Comics, …


Wilfrid Lupano

Wilfrid Lupano was born in Nantes, in the west of France, and spent most of his childhood in the southwestern city of Pau, France. He spent his childhood reading through his parents’ comic book collection and enjoying role‑playing games. He studied …


Julia Billet

Julia Billet was born in 1962. She is the author of both prose and comics. She lives in Paris while thinking that it would be good to live somewhere else, far from the city, in order to write, write, write… …


Karim Friha

Karim Friha was born in Maisons-Laffitte, France, in 1980. As a child, he took a liking to comics with the Franco-Belgian classics, most notably Asterix and Gaston Lagaffe. After receiving his bachelors degree in science, he studied math but ended …



Typex is a Dutch illustrator and graphic novelist. A graduate of the Amsterdam College for the Arts, his work appears in many nationwide newspapers and magazines. He has illustrated numerous children’s books and has published some of his own. His …

Resources & Recommended Reading

Discover the Beauty of Bande Dessinée


Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol

This monumental graphic biography of the King of Pop Art, five years in the making, is a 562-page journey through the life and times of Andy Warhol.
By : Typex

Catherine’s War

1941. Rachel studies at the Sevres House boarding school, where her parents put her for safety, and discovers her love for photography. Soon, the laws discriminating against Jews intensify, and there is no security anywhere in the occupied zone. From one day to the next, the children must leave everything behind...

By : Julia Billet and Claire Fauvel

Infinity 8

The city-sized, deep-space cruise ship "Infinity 8" stops halfway en route between the Milky Way and Andromeda, blocked by a massive field of debris containing wreckage and artifacts from countless planets, cultures, and possibly dimensions. The captain of Infinity 8 sets out eight of the ship's top security, each one sent out in a parallel time loop, lasts only eight hours, at which point things snap back...
By : Lewis Trondheim, Zep, and Dominique Bertail

Rise of the Zelphire

This supernatural tale is steeped in Victorian steampunk and is a delightfully dark adventure, like Charles Dickens by way of Tim Burton.
By : Karim Friha

The Mission of the FCA

The French Comics Association (FCA) celebrates the originality of French Comics and their creators, and supports American publishers who bring these work to new audiences in translation.

The Quest of Ewilan, Vol. 1: From One World to Another

In this grand fantasy, 13-year-old Camille's life is forever changed when she and her friend Salim accidentally pass through a portal to a parallel dimension and enter the magical world of Gwendalavir.

By : Laurence Baldetti

The Wolf in Underpants

A community of forest animals trades scary rumors about a nearby wolf. Some critters have even gone into business selling wolf traps and anti-wolf fences. But when the wolf appears in a pair of striped underpants, everyone rethinks their fears. This is a heartwarming story about understanding differences, told with an oddball sense of humor.
By : Wilfrid Lupano and Mayana Itoïz

To Eat and To Drink

Where can you get not just good, but the best wild garlic? What are the tried-and-true utensils every master chef’s kitchen should have? Which recipe should you have in your back pocket for preparing to perfection at a moment’s notice? What are the best wine pairings for your next dinner party?

By : Guillaume Long



The French Comics Association brings together many of the major publishers of French comics, including Dargaud, Casterman, Delcourt, Dupuis, Gallimard BD, Glénat, Le Lombard, Rue de Sèvres, and Soleil. As part of its mission to promote Franco-Belgian comics in the United States and worldwide, the association aims to promote comics translated into English, to support the U.S. publishing industry, and to stimulate cultural exchanges on the basis of literature and visual narratives.

The French Comics Association is supported by the Centre National du Livre, the Bureau International de l’Édition Française, the Syndicat National de l’Édition and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

Learn more about the FCA at this link.


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