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NEW YORK CITY SEPT.27 – NOV. 5, 2016


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French Comics Framed Exhibtion

This exhibition presents a selection of over 80 graphic novel illustrations from Franco-Belgian works. Staged under the beautiful arcades of the iconic Foundation Building of The Cooper Union, renowned for its programs in arts and architecture, it offers a journey through the formal and thematic evolutions of comics published in Paris and Brussels over the past 70 years. From Lucky Luke and Astérix to groundbreaking structural innovations by artists such as Fred (Philémon), and to the new scene of French comics today, with images from cutting-edge artists such as Julie Maroh, David B., and Pénélope Bagieu, the exhibition includes works for all audiences, from science fiction and fantasy to works of intimate realism. Most of these works have attracted U.S. publishers’ attention and have been translated into English.
Entitled French Comics Framed and divided into three sections, the exhibition aims to expose the varied architectures that structure the design and narrative of the bande dessinée form.

Featuring Matz, Philippe Ostermann, Nicolas Otero, Matthieu Bonhomme, Nadia Gibert and Anne Simon



For the first time, the French Comics Association exhibits at NYCC. Don’t miss our blue, white and red booth featuring a wide selection of Franco-Belgian comics in English translation from your favorite U.S. publishers. Our acclaimed artists will present their innovative works and bestselling books and will welcome you to signings.
Enter our giveaway to win comics, tickets for a VIP event and more! Aspiring artists will also
have the opportunity to ask French editors’ advice on their own work.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1:30-2:30pm (ROOM 1B03)
Featuring Arthur de Pins, François Boucq, Alessandro Barbucci, Stéphane Créty, Asaf Hanuka, Matz, Nicolas Otero
Moderated by Matt Madden (author of Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: Making Comics)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 5:30-6:30pm (ROOM 1A05)
Featuring Heidi MacDonald, Jean-Marc Rochette, Arthur de Pins, Simon Fraser, Leeann Hamilton



Twin brothers Asaf and Tomer Hanuka discuss their opposing approaches to storytelling and
their collaborative work on The Divine. Asaf Hanuka just won an Eisner Award for The Realist at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.



J.-C. Mézières, creator of the classic series Valérian and Laureline, will discuss his role in Luc Besson’s 2017 film adaptation, and J.-M. Rochette will detail his involvement in the Snowpiercer movie (with Chris Evans). Matz will explain how The Warriors director Walter Hill’s unproduced screenplays became comics, and Arthur de Pins and Etienne Davodeau will speak about indie adaptations.



Accompanying the current exhibition Roz Chast: Cartoon Memoirs, this discussion will focus on the ever-lively and inventive world of French cartooning. Who is the Parisian Roz Chast (if there is one)? What are the major themes and latest projects coming out of France?



The four renowned illustrators discuss the challenges of expressing emotion through drawing.


What we've done so far

A Certain Cervantes, by Christian Lax, Futuropolis

A Certain Cervantes

Back from Afghanistan, where he left an arm, Mike discovers Cervantes's Don Quixote. It's a revelation and the beginning of an epic in the mysterious American deserts.
By : Christian Lax, Futuropolis

A Strange And Beautiful Sound

Where is the value in life? In the noise and fury, or in the silence and contemplation? In the battles or the renouncements?
By : Zep, Rue de Sèvres
Airborne 44

Airborne 44

December 1944: the Battle of the Bulge raged for several days... A brilliantly led tetralogy on a World War II background.
By : Philippe Jarbinet, Casterman

Akiko, A Very Special Friend

Akiko Yamashita, 15 years old, moves with her family from the countryside to a new town.
By : Cyrielle, Miss Jungle


A research inspired by travels to Amazonia, where the artist stayed with the Jivaroan groups, and influenced by Philippe Descola’s Spears of Twilight.
By : Alessandro Pignocchi, Steinkis


Members of the smaller caste of the vast Kingdom of Angor, three teenagers dream of knighthood, adventure and freedom.
By : Jean-Charles Gaudin & Dimitri Armand, Soleil

Aquablue: Return to the Source

Nao, a representative of the blue people, protects Aquablue and his people from attacks by other planets. He must also fight the enemies of biodiversity.
By : Régis Hautière & Reno, Delcourt

Astrid Bromure

This graphic universe is a reference to 1950s Hanna Barbera cartoons and features a 1920s New York aesthetic. A real treat, joyfully combining polite humor, cynicism, childhood magic, and police investigations.
By : Fabrice Parme, Rue de Sèvres

Beautiful Dreamers

Four genuises who changed history. During World War II, these physicists, mathematicians and military men wanted to use all the world’s science to make the impossible happen.
By : Cédrice Villani & Baudoin, Gallimard BD

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll and its turquoise waters attract tourist and divers from all over the world, but its crevasses and impenetrable forests conceal many mysteries and dangers.
By : Bec & Khattou, Glénat

Body And Soul

The winning trio of Triggerman (just released by Titan) has come together again with a new story just as physical and lively, and even nuttier!
By : Matz, Walter Hill & Jef, Rue de Sèvres

Champions of Albion

The pact of Stonehenge: In 1199, back from Crusade, Richard the Lionheart’s army besieges the castle of Chalus-Châbrol in the Limousin (France).
By : Djian, Legendre, Arranz & Moreau, Jungle

Chronicles of the Vine

The chronicles of the origins, life, and terroir of a family of Burgundy vintners as told by a young man’s conversations with his grandfather.
By : Fred Bernard, Glénat
La quête d'Ewilan, Lylian, Pierre Bottero and Baldetti, Glénat

Ewilan’s Quest

Camille’s life changes when she and her friend Salim accidentally enter into Gwendalavir, a middle-age looking magical world living under the threat of the evil Ts'liches.
By : Lylian, Baldetti, adapted from Pierre Bottero, Glénat
Magasin Général, by Loisel & Tripp, Casterman

General Store

Loisel and Trip tell their shared commitment to Quebec in an energetic and very human chronic.
By : Loisel & Trip, Casterman
By Pierre Lemaître & Christian De Metter, Rue de Sèvres

Goodbye Up There

In this epic story about the aftermath of World War I, the State glorifies its dead while brushing aside its survivors, seen as a nuisance, and the entire abomination is treated as a virtuous exploit.
By : Pierre Lemaître & Christian De Metter, Rue de Sèvres

Hâsib and the Queen of the serpents

A tale from The Thousand and One Nights, drawn by innovative artist David B., more known for Epileptic and Incidents in the Night.
By : David B., Gallimard BD

In A Dark Wood

"Hi, My name is Angelo. When I grow up I want to be a scientist and adventurer!" With irony, Winshluss captures grotesque caricature of human life and emotions.
By : Winshluss, Gallimard BD


8 agents, 8 missions, 8 temporal reboots, 8 chances to unveil the truth and save the Infinity 8.
By : Lewis Trondheim & Olivier Vatine, Rue de Sèvres

Iranian Love Story

Foreign journalists interviewed Young Iranians. Do they still dream to end the regime? How to meet in this society that never permits?
By : Jane Deuxard & Deloupy, Delcourt

Lanfeust of Troy

Troy is a fascinating world: thanks to the Sages of Eckmül posted in each village, linking up the powers of magic, each individual possessed one power, but only one.
By : Arleston, Scotch & Didier Tarquin, Soleil
La légèreté, by Catherine Meurisse, Dargaud


On January 7 2015, the colleagues and friends of Catherine Meurisse were brutally murdered. After the tragedy, to distance herself from this act of violence, she went in search of the opposite of chaos: beauty.
By : Catherine Meurisse, Dargaud

Magic 7

There are seven young magicians with enormous powers. Together, they can save the world... or destroy it! But for the time being, their primary mission is to get to school on time.
By : Toussaint, Quattrocchi & La Barbera, Dupuis
La vierge et la putain, Glénat

Marie Stuart

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and Elizabeth the 1st, Queen of England, fought a war of diplomacy: their lives are told symmetrically in two biographies, creating a unique narrative style which highlights their intricate relationship.
By : Nicolas Juncker, Glénat
MEXICANA T1[BD].indd.pdf


Pursued by both the federal government and bounty hunters, Emmet Garden begins this long adventure in the badlands, along the Rio Grande.
By : Mars, Matz & Mezzomo, Glénat

Modern Speed

“Why don’t you want me, Lola? Nobody can possibly love you like I love you!” Blutch has created a unique, gripping and fantastical work, enhanced by tremendous graphic maturity.
By : Blutch, Dupuis
Il était une fois en France, Glénat

Once Upon A Time In France

The true story of Joseph Joanovici, a Romanian Jew who immigrated to France in the 1920’s and became one of the richest men in Europe.
By : Fabien Nury & Sylvain Vallée, Glénat

Otto, The Rewritten Man

"That night, in the crowd gathered on a frozen lake above the Arctic Circle, a strange empty space coincided with the exact position of a man..."
By : Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Delcourt


2100. When the latest driver compatible with Robot Unit is killed in a battle, the Council of Twelve Cities entrusts a Robot Unit Shock Team for the destiny of humankind.
By : Luca Blengino & Nesskain, Delcourt
Servitude Soleil


The vast Kingdom of Earth's son is under threat. Its arch-enemy has reappeared – the Drekkars are emerging from the shadows after a ten centuries absence.
By : Fabrice David, Eric Bourgier, Soleil

Stupor Mundi

In the early XIIIth Century, Hannibal El Battouti Qassim arrives in Italy at the Castel del Monte, scholars refuge of all kinds. He has in his luggage an extraordinary invention: photography.
By : Néjib, Gallimard BD
L'Appel, by Laurent Galandon & Dominique Mermoux, Glénat

The Call

What if your son had gone to join the Jihad in Syria? The Call is a graphic novel about the radicalization of young kids and a story about a mother's incomprehension.
By : Galandon & Mermoux, Glénat
Le piano oriental, by Zeina Abirached, Casterman

The Eastern Piano

Zeina Abirached’s account of her childhood in Lebanon in the 1980s brings together her personal story and the Middle East history, in a graphic black and white style.
By : Zeina Abirached, Casterman

The Girl Under The Fantail

A spin-off of François Bourgeon’s first masterpiece, The Passengers of the Wind. This giant historical fresco is a landmark in comics book history.
By : François Bourgeon, Delcourt

The Last of the Mohicans

"In 1757, in the wild regions of the New World, if we wanted to survive, there was something that we had to know..." Liberally adapted from the book by James Fenimore Cooper.
By : Cromwell & Catmalou, Soleil

The Ogre-Gods

From the youngest and smallest of Ogres, the whole history of a family and its members is told. Heritage, customs, tightness... A beautiful gothic tale about family determinism.
By : Hubert & Gatignol, Soleil

The Old Geezers

“You’re inconsequential, archaic, bigoted; you’ve sacrificed the entire planet and starved the third-world! Historically speaking, you... You’re the worst generation in the history of humanity”
By : Wilfrid Lupano & Paul Cauuet, Dargaud
Les Spectaculaires, Hautière & Poitevin, Rue de Sèvres

The Spectacular

Set in the 1900s, these are the humorous tribulations of a small troupe of clumsy traveling performers who have become the righters of wrongs.
By : Hautière & Poitevin, Rue de Sèvres

The World’s Greatest Inventions

Adele & Marvin have a very special cell phone that allows them to go back in time. They decide to use its power to meet seven of the world’s greatest inventors.
By : Zep, Stan & Vince, Glénat
Toqueville, Towards A New World, by Kévin Bazot, Casterman

Tocqueville, Towards A New World

Summer 1831: Two French explorers undertake an adventurous journey to the heart of the US Great Lakes region, witnessing the demise of Indians in the frenzied urbanization.
By : Kévin Bazot, Casterman


1841. Tom and Toby desert a whaling ship, docked in the Marquesas, and run away in the jungle. They soon find themselves in the hands of the Typee tribe, reputed cannibal.
By : Stéphane Melchior & Benjamin Bachelier, adapted from Herman Melville, Gallimard BD

Yallah Bye

"My name is Gabriel El Chatawi, I’m 20 years old and I am scared to death. My family, who went on vacation to Tyre, in southern Lebanon, is now detained there, trapped by the bombs of the Israeli army."
By : Kyungeun Park & Joseph Safieddine, Le Lombard
Marion Montaigne, Delcourt

You Will Die A Smarter Person

No matter what questions you have about the world around us, Professor Moustache has answers for everything! Thanks to science, she explains stuff which bothers us every day.
By : Marion Montaigne, Delcourt


The Things you Should Know


Anne Simon

Artist and illustrator Anne Simon’s witty, free-spirited illustrations have brought vivid life to the stories of Marx, Freud and Einstein, as well as to those of many original characters. A recipient of the Angoulême International Comics Festival’s New Talent prize, …

Nicolas Otero

Nicolas Otero

Nicolas Otero, a colorist and designer, brings powerful narratives to life through his swift line and realistic imagery. After graduating from the Émile Cohl School of Lyon in 2001, he drew from the story of a Ku Klux Klan expert …

Clément Oubrerie (photo: © Dargaud / Rita Scaglia)

Clément Oubrerie

Through humanistic portraits, Clément Oubrerie empowers the historical and fictional characters at the centers of his graphic novels. Between 2005 and 2010, he worked with the Ivorian writer Marguerite Abouet on Aya of Yop City (Aya de Yopougon, Gallimard BD), …


Pénélope Bagieu

Pénélope Bagieu brings humor and modern sensibility to the stories of young women’s adventures. Bagieu was only 25 years when she became a sensation in the French world of graphic novels with Joséphine, the hilarious story of a 30-something Parisian …


Olivier Balez

Globetrotting illustrator and comics artist Olivier Balez unforgettably renders contemporary and historical settings with his intricate and boldly graphic style. With author Thierry Lenain, he has illustrated many books which tackle contemporary social and political issues (Wahid, Lali l’orpheline, Dieu …

Copyright photo: Didier Gonord

Etienne Davodeau

Teller of precisely-observed, deeply-felt human stories, Etienne Davodeau brings an enchanting realism to his watercolor comics. Drawing on the social life of his community in Anjou, France, Davodeau’s most famous graphic novel is The Initiates, which depicts an encounter between …


Asaf Hanuka

Israeli illustrator and comic book artist Asaf Hanuka moves readers with his honest and whimsical depictions of everyday life. His acclaimed autobiographical comics The Realist, which comment on relationships, technology and more through the artist’s daily struggles, won the 2016 …

Copyright photo: Cécile Gabriel


Kerascoët is the joint pen name of the married French illustrators, comics and animation artists Marie Pommepuy and Sébastien Cosset, whose wry and fanciful imagery has won their graphic fiction loyal followings on both sides of the Atlantic. Kerascoët have …

© Eric Bony

Stéphane Créty

Stéphane Créty creates science fiction worlds that are as stunningly detailed in their realization as they are vibrant in their conception. Initially a film animator, Créty has illustrated 15 comics in as many years, including, with his frequent collaborator Sylvain …


Arthur de Pins

Arthur de Pins’s love for setting expressive characters in picaresque circumstances has led to the success of his highly diverse comic book series, which include the erotic Péchés Mignons and the gloomy, fanciful Zombillenium. His recent animal fable The March …


Jean-Marc Rochette

Jean-Marc Rochette is a dynamic and visionary comics artist, best known for Snowpiercer (created with Jacques Lob and published by Titan in 2014-2016), an enthralling post-apocalyptic graphic novel. Rochette has worked across a variety of projects and genres, from science-fiction …


Alessandro Barbucci

Alessandro Barbucci portrays ornate and absorbing fictional universes, including that of the bestselling science-fiction saga Sky Doll, co-created with Barbara Canepa. A dystopic satire that blends European, Japanese and American graphic styles into a unique hybrid, Sky Doll has been …



The French Comics Association brings together many of the major publishers of French comics, including Dargaud, Casterman, Delcourt, Dupuis, Futuropolis, Gallimard BD, Glénat, Le Lombard, Rue de Sèvres, Soleil and Steinkis. As part of its mission to promote Franco-Belgian comics in the United States and worldwide, the association aims to promote comics translated into English, to support the U.S. publishing industry, and to stimulate cultural exchanges on the basis of literature and visual narratives.

The French Comics Association is supported by the Centre National du Livre, the Bureau International de l’Édition Française, the Syndicat National de l’Édition and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

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